Orca Fruits and the Heritage of Red and Golden Delicious Apples

Discover the exquisite flavors of Eğirdir's apples with Orca Fruits. As leaders in apple cultivation, we proudly nurture the cherished Red and Golden Delicious varieties, preserving the rich heritage of this enchanting region. Experience the taste of tradition and quality with Orca Fruits' exceptional apples from Eğirdir.

Orca Fruits and the Flourishing Tradition of Red and Golden Delicious Apples

Nestled in the scenic town of Eğirdir, our esteemed company, Orca Fruits, is at the forefront of apple cultivation in this picturesque region. With a strong commitment to quality and sustainability, we have become an integral part of Eğirdir's thriving apple industry, specifically focusing on the cultivation of the renowned Red and Golden Delicious apple varieties. Let us explore how Orca Fruits contributes to the rich tradition of apple production in Eğirdir.

Red Delicious Apples:

At Orca Fruits, we take immense pride in our exceptional Red Delicious apple crops. These elongated, vibrant red apples have gained worldwide recognition for their delightful combination of sweetness and mild tartness. With utmost care and expertise, we nurture our Red Delicious apple trees in the fertile lands of Eğirdir, ensuring optimal flavor and quality. Our commitment to preserving the tradition and distinct characteristics of Red Delicious apples is unwavering.

Golden Delicious Apples:

Orca Fruits also plays a significant role in cultivating the luscious Golden Delicious apples that grace Eğirdir's orchards. These apples, with their golden-yellow skin and a sweet, honey-like flavor, are adored by apple enthusiasts. With meticulous attention to detail, we employ advanced horticultural practices to nurture our Golden Delicious apple trees, ensuring that each fruit embodies the superior quality and taste for which they are renowned.

Orca Fruits and the Enchanting Orchards of Eğirdir:

Within the enchanting orchards that adorn the landscapes of Eğirdir, Orca Fruits stands as a beacon of excellence. We work closely with local farmers, sharing our knowledge and expertise to ensure that the apple orchards of Eğirdir thrive. By employing sustainable farming practices and employing stringent quality control measures, we maintain the highest standards throughout the cultivation and harvesting processes, delivering apples that epitomize the essence of Eğirdir's orchards.


Orca Fruits is deeply rooted in the magnificent apple-growing tradition of Eğirdir. As we continue to cultivate and deliver Red and Golden Delicious apples, we pay homage to the rich agricultural heritage of this remarkable town. Our unwavering commitment to quality, sustainability, and preserving the legacy of Eğirdir's orchards has made Orca Fruits a trusted name in the apple industry. We remain dedicated to nurturing the flourishing apple orchards of Eğirdir, contributing to the ongoing success of Red and Golden Delicious apples in the market.